Hotel Goldgasse Salzburg

Your private refugium in the midst of the historical centre of Salzburg

Hotel Goldgasse – the first Small Luxury Hotel in Salzburg – is newly opened since spring 2015 in new shine and glory. And now it's time to continue with the venerable walls of the just as individual and special city hotel.

The new Hotel Goldgasse

The fortress Hohensalzburg is the emblem of the Mozartstadt in Austria
The fortress Hohensalzburg

Hotel Goldgasse's name alone shows the outstanding location in the heart of Salzburg's old town. A tribute to this narrow street that runs from Alten Markt in an arch to Residenzplatz. It's name origins in the former resident goldsmiths. The number 10 building served as a coppersmith's from 1573. The delicious "Kupferpfandl'n” ("copper pans”), in which the meals at the ground floor inn are served, still remind of that time.

The unique hotel with its 15 rooms bears witness to the special history of this place. Historic stucco, old stone floors, remains of antique columns or parts of frescos – quotes from former times that the hotel remembers and that make a stay at the otherwise modern and comfortably furnished hotel so unforgettable. A special place that provides views and insights into Salzburg's history, a place that you won't forget. A short walk through the centuries, a very personal and individual service that leaves nothing to be desired, even for the most demanding guests …

At the traditional Salzburg restaurant on the ground floor with its offers of seasonal, regional meals and only Austrian wines you can still feel the roots and traditions, but the more you walk upstairs the more you get to the here and now. And all the way up a small suite with roof terrace provides truly breathtaking views over Salzburg. A place for special moments. A retreat that makes an impression with its guests. Salzburg.

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Goldgasse is more than an exclusive Boutique hotel, it´s an intimate lifestyle experience celebrating the famous Salzburg Festival and the city´s finest elements in its blend of traditional and contemporary décor, personalized service and cuisine.